Hendey 20" Inch
Traverse Head Shaper

20 Inch Stroke Traverse Head Shaper.

Made by The Hendey Machine Co., Torrington, Conn.

      Designed for very heavy work. It has a stroke of 20 inches, and the head has a traverse of 6o inches. It has automatic horizontal, vertical, and angular feed. The circular arbor has independent automatic feed, operated from pulley end of machine. The vise has extra jaws to hold taper work. It has two tables, one of them a patent adjustable table for planing taper work. This table is made square or box form, with bolt slots on each side and on top, so that work can be bolted on either side. The machine should stand on a solid foundation; and, if desired, we can provide heavy cross-beams on which to set the machine, and a heavy cast-iron floor table, with slots and holes like a planer table, to which to bolt work; from the top of this table to slide is 45 inches. The tables on machine can be run off easily, to make room for large work to be bolted to front of machine.

Speed of countershaft, 200 revolutions. 
Size of tight and loose pulleys on countershaft, 10 inches x 3 inches. 
Weight of machine, without foundation beams and plate, 6,700 pounds.

Price, complete  $1,200.00

Prices of other Sizes of Traverse Head Shapers.

15-inch Stroke:
Saddle has 27 inches traverse, will plane a piece 14 inches high.
Weight, complete, 2,300 pounds.

Price, with one table and vise . . . . . . $550-00

30-inch Stroke:
Saddle has 72 inches traverse, will plane a piece on floor table 44 inches high.
Weight, complete, 10,000 pounds.

Price, with two tables and one vise . . . . $2,000.00