Brainard's No. 4
Standard Universal Milling Machine

No. 4 Standard Universal Milling Machine.

Made by Brainard Milling Machine Company.

      Greatly improved the present year, and made from new patterns. Nearly as large and heavy as No. 3, but being without back gearing is sold at a lower price. The driving cone is very large, and has five changes of speed for a 2-1/2-inch driving belt. Diameter of largest cone pulley is 13 inches; smallest, 6 inches. If preferred, a 4-step cone pulley, taking a 3-1/2inch belt, can be substituted for the 5-step pulley.
     There are four changes of feed, and the tension of feed belt can be regulated without unlacing. The spindle is large, and is forged from a high grade of steel, with 5/8-inch hole through its entire length; the bearings are long and compensating, with dust cap at front end of spindle.
     The work table is T-slotted, both lengthwise and crosswise, and has oil channel surrounding it. This table has an automatic feed of 18 inches at a right angle with the spindle, can be accurately adjusted vertically by means of the elevating dial, which is furnished with adjustable finger, and graduated to thousandths of an inch. This machine is fitted with Brainard's new patent quick return movement for the table, shown in the cut above.
     This machine is furnished either with overhanging arm or without it. When used with arm it will take an 8-inch mill, and will mill 12 inches from face of machine.
     Vertical range of work table, 16 inches. Cross motion in line with spindle, 5 inches. Size of fast and loose pulleys, 12 inches diameter, 3-1/2 inches face. Speed of countershaft should be about 120 revolutions per minute, which gives a range of 55 to 260 revolutions per minute to the spindle. 

Weight, complete, boxed for shipment, 2,000 pounds. Weight of machine alone, without attachments, about 1,300 pounds.

Price, without attachments or overhanging arm . . . . . $375.00
"           "             "           with overhanging arm . . . . 400.00 

Price & illustration of attachments, here..